Saturday, October 11, 2008

This qualifies as a 'cache'

This guy was seriously prepared:
Investigators also found mortars, mortar shells, nearly 80 pounds of black powder, smoke grenades, a Thompson submachine gun, assorted rifles and shotguns, along with about 50,000 rounds of ammunition.
I don't find this shocking in the least. He could just be a reloading enthusiast. Anyways, now the press has a new "anti-armor terror weapon" to flaunt.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt that the 20mm anti-tank rifle, mortars, mortar shells, etc were properly NFA registered.

I'm thinking he didn't buy this stuff at a gun show. (Unless, of course, it was all inert and just for display)...

Buy your rights, they'll use it as an example of why typical gun owners can't be trusted with "powerful" weapons like Marlin model 60 "assault weapon".