Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's not a ban if someone gets cut there

Authorities believe the razor was a box cutter, White said. Razors are banned in school buildings, and such an incident could lead to expulsion.
EXPULSION!!! Oh heavens no! Please, don't!

How retarded. Do you think that a girl who's willing to slash another person with a knife gives a rats ass about expulsion? School rules do not make anyone safe, and apparently neither does the faculty. More reason for me to homeschool my kids.


Mike W. said...

Expulsion - Damn! I carried a 3" boy scout knife all through grade school and for the most part no one cared. I think once or twice I was asked to put it away, but that's it.

Unknown said...

I did too, but I got caught - twice. Both times I got my knife back because my parents insisted to the school that I had their permission. Times have changed!