Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nasty weekend

Sorry about the light blogging again. Stayed busy this weekend with all sorts of things. First up, I got hit during a six car pile-up on Friday, and everyone turned out OK. Time for a new rear bumper and tail light. Next, I shot a perfect score on the rifle range, right after I turned out this zero:
The bottom group was my first, and it is six shots with one flyer. I corrected and put the three in the center. That's all she wrote. The Marine Corps zeros at 36 yards, and sets the rear sight on 8/3 -2 and the front sight flush, if I'm not mistaken. The Army zeros at 25 yards with an 8/3 +1 rear sight and a front sight post that's screwed way down into the front sight housing. Weird.

Next, I ran my Cold Steel Arc-Angel through the middle finger of my left hand (somewhat graphic). I got five stitches for my trouble. That will teach me to not handle a sharp knife while on the cell phone.

Other than that I'm pretty tired of working constantly. Some R&R would be nice which would give me the time to sight in my AR with the Burris on it. A guy can dream can't he? Too bad I have a basement full of drywall to finish. I will have a Movie Guns for you tomorrow; I've already got the pictures but haven't had the time to do anything with them.

That's all I have to report tonight. See ya'll tomorrow!

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