Friday, October 3, 2008

USMC Future Weapons

Every year my bretheren throw a big ol' party and invite lots of companies and contractors who design all kinds of cutting edge deadliness for the USMC. The place is filled with all sorts of handguns, rifles, machine guns, knives, explosives, and the latest in military fashion. I went again this year, and I had a blast as usual. I took some photos with my camera phone, and if I'm not perfectly steady then the pictures kinda suck, but I'll show em' anyways.

Now I've never been to a SHOT show, and I've heard that they're cool, but I don't think they have anything like this beast:
Quad M203 robot
Yes, that would be quad M203s and a FN M240B GPM mounted on a robot with a Surefire light. Cool huh? This thing is definitely not for hunting Bambi's baby brother, but I bet it would snatch the life out of Al Qaeda in some remote cave!

Here's a 25mm kinetic energy round:

This one's kinda blurry, but it's a flachette canister in a munition about 60mm+ in size:

Did you ever wonder what's inside of a 40mm round?
Nasty looking stuff.

Here's a 120mm canister round flanked on the right by a kinetic energy round. I don't know what the one on the left is:

Marine climbing a wall for a free CamelBak:

Now on to some small arms. Here I'm holding the new Sig 556 Pistol:
Sig 556 Pistol
It feels good in the hands, but I did notice that the magazine release is way too far forward for my tastes. I had to twist my shooting hand off the grip to reach it.

Next is a Sig 556 carbine with folding stock:
Sig 556 folders
Sig 556 folder

The Sig 556 DMR, with a suppressed Blaser right behind it:
Sig 556 DMR and Blaser

Some POF ARs:

I almost wet myself at the Schmitt & Bender optics booth. Those scopes are so clear it's scary:
Schmitt & Benders

Now here's something I've never seen before: a Colt New Agent DAO:
Colt New Agent DAO

The hammer is bobbed, and the trigger pull feels in the 8lb range with a long smooth pull. I'm a fan, but I didn't get to shoot it, of course. It has a sight trough that runs the entire length of the slide.

Remington has a new evil looking bolt gun - I didn't get a name or model number - that looks like the spawn of a AR 15 and a Model 700:
Remmy bolt action

Here's a futuristic machine gun that shoots plastic cased ammo:
MG with caseless ammo

There was another machine gun there that shoots caseless ammo, but the picture I took was almost completely dark, so it's not here. Maybe next year.

Are shoulder fired rockets your thing?
Shoulder fired rocket

How about a robot with a Auto Assault 12 shotgun mounted on top?
AA12 Shotgun on robot

Don't like shotguns, eh'? Are you more of a shorty AR kinda guy?
I would imagine that these would be really useful when it's too cold outside to go climb into your treestand; you can kill critters from the warmth of your fireplace. Hell, you wouldn't even need to get out of bed!

Here's one for the long range varmint enthusiast: A remote controlled Barrett M107; the exact same one used in the movie Shooter, so I was told:
Remote controlled Barrett M107

It has a little screen mounted on the knee board that lets you see and zoom in with the rifle. Reach for the sky, fatty!!
Don't move fatty

Well, that's about it. There were too many things to see for me to get pictures of all of them. I do have to give a shout out to the nice lady running the Spyderco knife booth. She is a master at demonstrating their products; especially the SpydeRench. She even challenged us to a knife quick-draw contest in which she flat out beat a friend of mine with his Gerber 1055 06 Auto, and me with my Microtech Scarab using her Spyderco P'Kal - C103G -- from the pocket! Good stuff. My next knive buy will definitely be a Spyderco.


Home on the Range said...

I have just been using the Wilson Combat AR15 on the overdone coyote population. It appears I'm seriously underpowered.

Thanks for the great photos.

Unknown said...

I wish we had more coyotes; allegedly we have some in VA. Actually, I wish I had a Wilson Combat AR as well!

Anonymous said...

I found the 5.56 is a little light for anchoring coyotes decisively. Something like the .243 is a good place to start.

Jerry in Detroit