Monday, October 27, 2008

Washington Post publishing a truthful article on firearms?

Who would have thought those scumbags would put out something like this, which fairly covers the recent spike in gun purchases. Opinions in the piece vary from fear of civil disorder, catasrophe, and what most people really fear which is an anti-gun Obama administration.

"People are preparing for catastrophe right now," said Leyshion, 55, of Nokesville. "It's insurance. With the stock market crash and people out of work, and the illegal aliens in this area, the probability of civil disorder is very high."
I think the prospect of Obama getting in office is the real driver. At the gunshow in Fredericksburg Saturday some of the SKSs and AKs had stickers that read "Pre-Obama Prices!!" That should tell you something, or you could just listen to this guy:

"I think right now people are scared Obama is going to take their rights away," said Margaret Marcus, who was carrying a Glock 19 9mm semiautomatic pistol under a blue jean jacket embroidered with "Winnie the Pooh" characters. "He's definitely anti-gun, despite what you see in the mainstream media."
There is one glaring mistake in the article, one that journalistic monkeys get wrong every time, and it's this:
On a recent weekend, a crowd of lookers and buyers milled around in the Virginia Arms Co. in Manassas. Some were shopping for large-capacity magazines, or clips, that attach to firearms and hold additional rounds of ammo. Those were banned during the Clinton administration and became legal again when the ban expired.
Wrong, jackass. The magazines were not banned, or even regulated for that matter. The law made it so new ones could not be manufactured. Get your facts straight.

This is a good article regardless.

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