Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your daily dose of stupid

The study recommends requiring new officers and enlisted personnel to be tobacco-free, eliminating tobacco use on military installations, ships and aircraft, expanding treatment programs and eliminating the sale of tobacco on military property."

Any tobacco use while in uniform should be prohibited," the study said.

Now that's an all new level of brilliant! We have our nations youth volunteering to fight and kill people, and we arm them to that end with the most deadly things imaginable, and these retards think that it would be cool to stop smokers from relieving their stress in order to save health care costs.

Slow down there skippy. Think about what you're saying. Like, a third of the military smokes, and probably close to another third dips, and those numbers climb when they get shot at day in and day out, and now you douchebags who have never been shot at want to tell the Pentagon that they should take these things away from these men and women? During wartime? While they're driving jets, tanks, carrying machine guns, killing people every day?

As a former smoker who has been in a war zone, I can say that taking away cigarettes would cause an almost instant mutiny. That someone would actually suggest it is amazing.

Fortunately that idea got scrapped.

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Aaron said...

wow man, that idea is queer as a three dollar bill. I want my friends and family who risk their lives to be as comfortable and stable as possible while doing their jobs, you'd think it'd be a matter of common sense. Thanks for another dose of good reading.