Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hoppes has lost me as a customer until further notice

Hey Hoppes, would it kill ya to maybe put your product (#9) in a freakin bottle that doesn't leak all over my range bag every time I go out, making me high when I get into my truck after leaving the bag in the back overnight?

We have technology to send a man to the moon and give a human a new heart; why the hell can't you guys spend the extra nickel and use a leak proof bottle?!?! The technology is there people!

Right now my house stinks because I left my range bag on the counter last night.


mike's spot said...

I just want a bottle with a wider base so I don't tip it over all the time.

the bottles are always too tall for the size of the base in my opinion. give me a short fat bottle.

Anonymous said...

they do have the 5 oz bottles that are short and fat. Try em out. Also ctone.. the new Hoppe's no.9 uses childproof technology caps whcih even if u leave upside down wont leak.

Unknown said...

I'm gonna look next time out. There's no doubt that Hoppes works well on guns; I just want it to work on my bench too.