Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Down with the sickness: The Reckoning

So yesterday I woke up and didn't feel 100%, but I didn't feel like I needed to call into work or anything. As I was leaving the house, I felt that familiar feeling in the right side of my back where my kidney is and knew that I had another kidney stone to pass.

No big deal to me; I pass them fairly frequently, but they're small ones. I got hung up on one a few years back that put me in the hospital in a level of pain that I just can't describe, and I dreaded the day that I had to go through that again.

A few miles into my commute to work I realized that that day had come, and that the pain was coming on faster than last time. I was too far from the hospital to drive myself, so I had to make it home. By the time I turned around I was having trouble driving my truck.

I made it home, and my wife took me to the local hospital. The pain was beyond agonizing; it was more like crippling. That's the only way I can describe it. Sweat mixed with tears, snot, and spit as I writhed in pain on a freaking hospital bed waiting for pain meds that don't work. I could never be an addict because prescribed pain medication, even the strong IV types, have zero effect on me. It's my curse.

Sometimes some obscure medicine will work on me, which is what happened when they gave me some type of IV anti-inflammatory. The pain finally went away. Now my filtration system is all jacked up, and the worst part of it is that the stone has only made it to my bladder; it still has one final journey to go!

Yeah, ow!

There's no telling when that will go down. Last time it took two weeks. Good times.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

CTone didn't we just talk about this the other day! Sucks to be you brother, keyword for the day FLOMAX, it helped with my wife's monsterous kidney stones.

Unknown said...

Coffee works good too, and it's free!

The real bad news is that my CT scan showed both kidneys are filled with em'.