Friday, July 17, 2009

Preventable death

Officers responding to a report of elder abuse around 11 p.m. Wednesday forced their way into a home at 10587 Greenford Drive, near Hillery Drive, when they heard screaming inside and found Gianine "Gia" Desiderio holding a knife to the neck of her mother, Helen Desiderio, in a rear bedroom, said San Diego police homicide Capt. Jim Collins.
The cops killed the knife weilding woman, as they should have with the situation given.

So what's the problem? How about this:

One officer told 10News that police have been called to the residence for over 20 different incidents involving Gia Desiderio, with one incident involving a TV being thrown by the daughter out of a window.

Gia Desiderio was sentenced to 6 months in custody after a guilty plea to elder abuse last year, 10News learned.

Stop. Letting. These. People. Out. Of. Jail.

Simple, no?

If the cops are called on me for drunkenly punching my mother in the face twice a year, don't you think that on about the third time they ought to put me away for good? The irresponsibility of this woman was apparent, and it was only a matter of time before she escalated her violence to something deadly.

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Anonymous said...

This women wasn't irresponsible, she was hearing voices and babbling incoherently. If we had anything approaching a useful mental health system she'd have been off the street getting help a long time ago.

A lot of folks weren't surprised how this one turned out, just surprised that the system missed so many obvious chances to prevent it.