Thursday, July 2, 2009

DC officials celebrate their low homicides

As we approach the halfway point in 2009, there have been 66 homicides by D.C. Police's count. If the current pace continues, the city would finish the year with 134 homicides, which, according to the Washington Post, would be a 45-year low.
Fantastic! That means the murder rate in the district would only be over four times the national average, instead of over five times!

Great work.

Keep in mind that murders increase during the summer - and the short article mentions that. So what they're really trying to say is that if hell does in fact freeze over and murderers stay indoors this summer, than DC can expect their city to have only four and a half times as many murders as neighboring Virginia! Yaaay!

I think I'll pass on taking my family sight seeing in the district this summer.


flashman said...

Still, this is a year in which the District has had to allow citizens to posess guns and less than the normal amount (not more) of blood has run in the streets. We'll see if any journalists make the connection.

Unknown said...

Of course they won't; it's against their beliefs.

The violent crime levels have been slowly going down for some time in the district. Who knows if it will go down faster now.