Monday, July 6, 2009

A bloody Independence Day weekend in DC

Of course, from the headlines you would have no idea that seven people were shot in several incidents in DC this weekend; the news is too busy buzzing about Marion Barry's 875th arrest this year.

Perhaps if the DC police spent less time looking to arrest kids for fireworks violations they would have more time to look for the gang bangers who were using real fireworks.
"Kids are getting hurt, it's not just loud noises," Hernandez said.
No shit? Well, with a whopping two fireworks injuries this year I say it's awesome that DC police spent the weekend saving kids from 2nd degree burns, instead of scouring the city looking for killers. Time well spent!

But have no fear citizens, Councilman Jim Graham is going to completely stop rare incidents like these from ever occurring again with well thought out legislation that will ensure that even more precious police resources are out saving people from themselves:

D.C. Councilman Jim Graham again proposed legislation this year to ban anyone under the age of 16 from buying fireworks in the city. The bill has not yet been voted on.

Steve Hernandez, Graham's legislative director, said the councilman wanted to get a conversation going concerning youths and firework injuries.

Hernandez said Graham's office would continue to work with the D.C. fire department to create legislation curtailing firework use.

How pathetic.

I say that there is no hope in stopping America's decline until DC finally implodes from the weight of its own stupidity.


mike's spot said...

I can't tell if politicians say stuff like this to get re-elected, or if they really think something so asinine will work.

Unknown said...

I think both.

I mean, the man wants to ban pizza joints because of all the criminals who eat pizza! That's like banning T-shirts because criminals have been known to wear them.