Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A new piece in my life

Sometime in all of my traveling fury, I found time to pick up my new premier carry gun:

I have long been on the lookout for a railed 5" 1911, and had high hopes to catch either a Springfield Operator or Kimber TLE/RL II on a shelf somewhere. The Kimber won the day.

A week or so earlier, I had looked at a Springfield Mil-Spec at my local Ganderous Mountainous and offered up my Nuclear (SA Ultra Compact V-10) 1911 to offset the cost, but those crooks basically told me to just give them my gun in return for paying $50 above everyone else's price on the Mil-Spec. I loath Gander Mountain, so I not-so-tactfully declined their counter offer.

I've put an initial 150 rounds or so through the Kimber so far, and I am happy with my switch back to a 1911. My first carry gun was the Nuclear 1911, and I discovered that I shoot 1911s well. Later on I switched to Glocks for awhile; with my first Glock being a model 20 in 10mm. What a pistol. I regretfully had to sell that one when the company I worked for went Tango Uniform and left me without a couple months pay. Next I bought a Glock 17, and not too long after bought a model 26. I still have both. The 17 stays at home, and the 26 is currently TAD while protecting a family member from two and four legged predators, as well as no legged predators (Snakes. Don't ask).

I have now gone full circle and come back to the weapon that I shoot so well. Though I am a Glock advocate, I am not a fanboy, as I understand the pros and cons of any firearm. I tend to shoot Glocks a tad high from the draw; something that I correct with the 1911. This gun is definitely a shooter, and I need to start gearing up to reload so that I can afford to feed it. 45 ACP is hard to find these days.

When I get a day to do a full shoot with several types of ammo, I'll post a range report.


Aaron said...

I feel similarly toward Glocks. I own one and I like it very much, but once you have one, unless it's a different caliber, you may as well have them all. I'll soon do a writeup on my new Cobra FS380 that I got a few weeks back. It's US made, in Utah, and ghetto-cheap, but so far it's been accurate(enough), and reliable, outside of 1 or 2 fte's and ftf's in the first couple mags when it was brand new.

Unknown said...

Pocket 380s are the wave of the future. Have you been able to find ammo?

Aaron said...

surprisingly enough, I walked into a local warehouse/membership style sporting goods store a week after I got it, and lazily told the old man @ the gun counter "let me guess, no .380?", he grinned and said "you guessed wrong son!" and slapped down 2 boxes of Magtech FMC. That's all I've put through it so far, just took it out to a local clearcut area and fired into stump remains from a few yards away (I'm by no means a marksman). I read on various forums that these things are picky ammo-wise and don't like JHP until they're "broken in", but after 1st two mags, zero problems. For a cheapie, it's got a good solid feel, and I'm a warranty-dork, so I appreciate the fact that they'll fix it should something go wrong.