Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A new piece in my life

Sometime in all of my traveling fury, I found time to pick up my new premier carry gun:

I have long been on the lookout for a railed 5" 1911, and had high hopes to catch either a Springfield Operator or Kimber TLE/RL II on a shelf somewhere. The Kimber won the day.

A week or so earlier, I had looked at a Springfield Mil-Spec at my local Ganderous Mountainous and offered up my Nuclear (SA Ultra Compact V-10) 1911 to offset the cost, but those crooks basically told me to just give them my gun in return for paying $50 above everyone else's price on the Mil-Spec. I loath Gander Mountain, so I not-so-tactfully declined their counter offer.

I've put an initial 150 rounds or so through the Kimber so far, and I am happy with my switch back to a 1911. My first carry gun was the Nuclear 1911, and I discovered that I shoot 1911s well. Later on I switched to Glocks for awhile; with my first Glock being a model 20 in 10mm. What a pistol. I regretfully had to sell that one when the company I worked for went Tango Uniform and left me without a couple months pay. Next I bought a Glock 17, and not too long after bought a model 26. I still have both. The 17 stays at home, and the 26 is currently TAD while protecting a family member from two and four legged predators, as well as no legged predators (Snakes. Don't ask).

I have now gone full circle and come back to the weapon that I shoot so well. Though I am a Glock advocate, I am not a fanboy, as I understand the pros and cons of any firearm. I tend to shoot Glocks a tad high from the draw; something that I correct with the 1911. This gun is definitely a shooter, and I need to start gearing up to reload so that I can afford to feed it. 45 ACP is hard to find these days.

When I get a day to do a full shoot with several types of ammo, I'll post a range report.
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