Friday, September 4, 2009

Mouse gun accuracy

Went to a local indoor range for some handgun shooting yesterday. My wife has a Kahr PM9 that hasn't been fully broken in yet, and I thought I would put a hundred rounds or so through it to finish the job.

At one point I decided to see how it would group at ten yards. I was running Winchester White Box 115 grainers through it and and turned out this 3/4" five shot group offhand:

There are six holes there as my aiming point was the 9mm bullet hole second from the left. If you take out the far left flyer, which I called due to a rushed shot, the group is about 11mm in circumference. Not bad for a 3" barrel!!

I also put a few rounds out of my wife's post war Walther PPK that acts as my pocket carry gun. I found some Cor-Bon 60 grain rounds in 32 Auto that I wanted to give a try. At ten yards I put five rounds into the X-ring with ease despite the teeny tiny sights. Point of aim is point of impact. The accuracy of that little gun is exceptional as well.

I have no qualms carrying a .32 Auto if I can place rounds exactly where I want them to go. The little blaster is as reliable as a brick too, and I'll take it.

Also, the saga of my 308 tuning is almost complete. Go over to Practical Riflery Forums for my latest post on those efforts. I highly recommend the OCW method of finding the right load for your rifle. It has worked out well for me.


Aaron said...

very cool! I'm thinking about investing in (maybe) a Kel-Tec P32 or something similar. My new-ish Cobra Freedom .380 is surprisingly reliable and accurate for such a dirtcheap firearm, but it's heavy as hell. I don't carry, but I'll be moving hopefully back to Seattle proper by next year, and while I've never felt unsafe there, it'd be nice to have the option. Keep the good stuff coming my man!

mike's spot said...

Nice shooting! how are the sights on the Kahr?

Unknown said...

Very nice, especially considering how small the gun is. The front is a white dot, and the rear is a small, vertical white bar. It will take aftermarket sights like Novak's, and you can get them as standard equipment. Kahr pistols are definitely worth the money.

Unknown said...

Aaron, I hear good things about the Kel-Tec 32s from a friend who ownes one. Put enough rounds through it for a proper break in and you should be good to go.