Friday, September 18, 2009

Who would've ever seen this coming?

There's not a lot of interesting stuff in the news today, but I did find this story about an escaped violent criminal in Chicago that is something that will be made into a movie some day.

I mean it has everything; a violent bank robbing scumbag escaping from restraints, taking police hostages, taking weapons, carjacking, SWAT teams. . . . this one is chock full.

Here's the part that gets me though. This man has a long and violent history that includes a successful escape attempt. Why on earth is he still going through the court system? Why even have him outside of prison walls in the first place? Are you telling me his 20+ years of bank robbing sprees, kidnapping, and a whole host of other crazy activities really not enough to do it; not enough to put him away for life to the point where he has to be bounced around from state to federal courthouses and back again in order to rack up enough time to take him away from society for good? WTF?

Hell, why did anyone even bother to spend taxpayer dollars locking him up in the first place then; just let him have his way until he finally kills someone and gets his life sentence or death penalty. That very well may be the case here.

Hopefully the clown show quits screwing around and can catch him before he hurts another citizen. Bag his ass and lock him up for the rest of his life.

Update: The scumbag was caught (same link as above). But not until after he robbed another bank.
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