Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DC councilman Phil Mendelson is a tool

But we already knew that. I just wanted to affirm it yet again.
"In the nation's capital, carrying is perhaps the greatest concern to law enforcement because it makes it very hard for law enforcement to distinguish between a person who is carrying a firearm legally and a potential assassin."
Um, it's my understanding that DC police don't catch assassins all-the-doo-dah-day, but they sure do catch them some good citizens who happen to wander across city lines. That's really all Phil (can I call you Phil?) cares about anyways. If he was concerned at all with actually lowering crime then he would be pushing the boundaries of the law in keeping violent criminals locked up instead of letting them out or giving them pathetic sentences.

For those who haven't clicked over to the article, it talks about how attorney Alan Gura - referred to as "Gun-Happy Attorney" in the title by the totally non biased and completely objective writers Brett Zongker and Matthew Stabley - is pressing on with changing DC gun law to allow citizens to carry firearms by representing three individuals who have had their rights infringed.

One of them, 46-year-old Amy McVey, was the first person to register a handgun after the ban was lifted, the Times reported. She said she might carry her gun"everywhere it's legal."

Another plaintiff from Maryland applied to carry his gun for self-defense while visiting D.C. after he was stopped for speeding in the city and was charged with carrying a loaded handgun in his car.

This shitty piece of journalism is peppered with all the usual stupidity that one would expect from modern day writers talking about firearms issues; including calling the plaintiffs "gun lovers," using words like "strapped," and quoting the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership. I mean this piece has it all. They even quote DC Attorney General Peter Nickles; you know the same guy who doesn't like getting emails from angry citizens outraged that he would let a three time violent criminal back on the street.

Keep up the work their guys. I'm counting on you. Really.
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