Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hateful New Begginings

"The union has decided they are opposed to the type of unique, quality programs that we provide for young people," Muhammad said.
Well, when your unique quality program is "transform[ing] objects of hate into works of functional beauty and a symbol of change," then I can see why it's opposed. Calling an inanimate object that is routinely used for so much good an object of hate does bring that kind of reaction; especially considering that that's the kind of logic one would expect from a child.

Oh, you mean that the facility is designed to hold children? That really paints the whole picture now doesn't it. And considering the kind of problems that have plagued the detention center in its short existence, that doesn't surprise me a whole lot.

How about that program title? Just the kind of stupidity that has long been considered the norm in DC. With a name like "anti-prison', would you expect anything different?

And here this whole time I thought "anti-prison" was freedom and liberty.

Silly me.
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