Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liberty and Justice for none

Eleanor Holmes Norton. Is there anything she can't do?

Stand back citizen!! Do not impede her selfless efforts to stop a pre-mitigated non problem before it doesn't start!

You guys seriously check her name on the ballot box? Think about that.

The media sock puppets are quick to come to her aid as well, facts and elementary logic be damned.

Anyways, citizens can't carry any firearms in DC as it is, so it's already illegal. The Secret Service already creates not only a "Gun Free Zone" around the president, but make it weapon free to the point of silliness. On top of that, these people were no where near the president, and every stupid law on the books will not stop terrorists or "crazies," but that mindless woman knows that much.

That only leaves the freedom of non DC citizens for the taking. I just wish she would say it outright instead of acting like she cares.
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