Monday, August 10, 2009

Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire

"Assault weapons, as we now know here in Mexico, are helping to fuel extraordinary violence," he said. "Having said that none of us are under any illusion that reinstating that ban would be easy."
So it's the Mexican drug cartels that are driving up AR15 prices, not your stupid reputation and cabinet/Sureme Court Justice picks? That's not what the douchebag is implying, but that would be the case if he weren't really lying through his teeth.

I love how Obama's ignorance inadvertantly placed blame on a federal agency, when he was trying to blame US gun laws:
The camcorder shakes as it films the thud of thick .50 caliber bullets ripping through a steel plate target in the heat of the Arizona desert. Panning across the jagged rocks and cacti, the camera then focuses on the shooter: a smiling Mexican sitting down on the dust as he uses both hands to fire the huge state-of-the-art weapon that can tear through tank armor. He was the happy customer, having bought the killing machine from an Arizona gun shop for about $21,000.
That's a smokin deal on a Browning M2 machine gun! Too bad that it has been regulated by the ATF since 1934! Oooops!

For a Mexican cartel scumbag to be able to buy it from a gun store in the US, he would have had to go through the tedious and lengthy machine gun buying process that is run by the BATFE.

So president Obama, who really fucked up? Was it US gun law, or the ATF?

There is so much more in this article to fisk, but I don't have the time.
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