Friday, August 14, 2009

The great unbiased NBC 4 news

So unbiased that their writers now insist that angry citizens at town halls are displaying "manufactured meltdowns." It's all fake you see, like professional wrestling. There's absolutely no way that citizens on both sides of the isle can actually be pissed off at their representatives on their own will without influence by someone with money.


I smell projection.

And nothing brackets writer Sarah K. Smith as a pompous opinionated beast quite like this quote:
"So things got shouty and most folks just stayed at home and watched the protests on their televisions, where they'd be safe from gun-wielding nuts."
Hey, has anyone seen anyone "wielding" a gun at a townhall event? Anyone? How about nuts? Anyone seen any nuts at townhall events?

Sarah, where are these gun wielding nuts of which you speak? I would like to meet them and possibly ask them to be my friend.

Seriously, these days I push all modern news outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, and local newspapers into the same shitcan grocery store tabloid "news" sources like Sun, Us Weekly, and The National Examiner. The people that write anything we consider news these days are just a bunch of sensationalist kooks.

All of em'.
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