Monday, August 25, 2008

And DC wonders why they have crime

This is not an example of criminal control. Notice the scumbag in question walking in the door with a handgun pointed. He told the store owner he was going to shoot him, and he made good on his word.

So DC just handed a 25 year old attempted murderer who has a "dark side and showed no remorse for his crimes" a 25 year sentence. Whoopity do! He won't even serve all of it, but even if he does he will be 50 years old when he walks free. Any chance he will be remorseful then? Hardly. He will definitely have a state sponsored PH D in hate, crime, and violence when he gets out, so we will likely be hearing about him successfully killing someone in the next 20 years or so. And his three friends? Considering they didn't pull the trigger I would think that they would get an even more embarrassing sentence.

Why we don't box them up for life when they do stuff like this is just outrageous. Life is not 20 years! Life is life. Forever. Put them away and let society forget their name.

Instead we have a system that breeds seasoned, mature, experienced killers. Way to go. This is why DC has such a stupid high crime and murder rate. And they blame it on the guns!


Update: Here is what criminals can expect when they cross the Potomac River into Virginia:

A mixer worth more than $500 could prove far more costly to Washington resident Kevin Brown.

A Stafford County jury Thursday recommended that Brown, 48, serve a whopping 44 years in prison for stealing the mixer and other items Jan. 23 from two county stores.

Contrast with his history in DC's revolving door justice system:
Brown's long criminal record, which includes multiple drug and theft-related convictions in the Washington area, apparently didn't sit well with the jurors.
Virginians don't appreciate the criminal profession? Who knew? Apparently Brown is just shocked at the severity of the recommended sentence:
He was clearly stunned by the lengthy sentence suggested by the jurors. "Forty-four years for a [expletive] mixer?" court personnel quoted him as saying.
You should have stayed in DC asshole.

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