Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A long sentence for the little bastard

A teenager cut a business owner's throat during a robbery after the man gave him the money. "Giving them what they want" didn't work out so well. Anyways, the business owner lived, and the teen was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Velez was 17 when he and three others robbed the $3 Car Wash. After stealing money, Velez slashed manager Maurice Lavender's throat with a box cutter as he lay face down on the floor.

Allen cited the horrific nature of the crime when sentencing Velez to more than the state guideline of 27 years.

Velez had previously served time for burglary and larceny.

A prior record and he still didn't learn his lesson. Too bad the three life sentences didn't stick, but as it stands he will be about 60 years old when he gets out. That's a hell of a lot better than the pathetic sentence DC dished out yesterday for a jewelry store robber who shot the owner, who also survived.

Notice a pattern here? Virginia's violent crime rate for 2006 was at 281 (latest data found) while DC's violent crime rate for 2006 was at 1,508. That's per 100k people. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Yikes! Read the comments! This kid is lucky he didn't get these guys on the jury!

Update: Meanwhile, this scumbag is facing the death penalty for murdering a local man with a knife. The man worked at a family Chinese food restaurant and was ambushed and killed while out delivering food. The entire town is outraged so the death penalty will likely stick. Too bad his scumbag girlfriend isn't getting charged for murder.

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