Monday, August 18, 2008

DC dose of stupid

Michael Gorbey was handed a 22 year sentence for being a nutjob in front of the US Capitol. He would be the guy in the soft body armor with a shotgun and sword that claimed he had an appointment with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. He's crazy, got it.

The dose of stupid comes from the old bag Eleanor Holmes Norton, and it's a twofer. In regards to the Supreme Court ruling in the Heller case encouraging more activity like this, Norton says:
"Perhaps we see here . . .the strict gun laws here. . .protect more than the residents of the District of Columbia. They also protect the Capitol of the United States of America."
Um, no. Perhaps your naive ass has been re-elected way too many times. The DC gun ban was alive and well during this whole ordeal, and it didn't do a thing to protect anybody. Here's why:
Court records show Gorbey is a convicted felon and has been in and out of prison since 1991 for convictions on larceny, domestic violence and illegal gun and drug charges.
Gun laws did nothing to stop this man before or after this event. Gun laws have done nothing for the absurd amount of shootings in the District. Keeping violent people locked up will do more than you silly laws and signs.

The next bit of dribble that spews from her mouth is this bit where she tries to tell DC Metro Police that they're incompetent because they didn't find the bomb in Gorbey's truck until three weeks after his arrest:
". . important for homeland security. . .um . . . that the police . . .um. . . be trained, as they clearly had not been well enough trained at the academy in light of homeland security to look everywhere."
Nobody is arguing that DC Metro Police are not the brightest, but this woman clearly shows that she's about as brainless as it gets. I mean, this is a woman who believes that your all of your rights are collective, belonging to everyone. Why DC residents keep voting for this woman is amazing.

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