Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shootout in South Carolina

There's not enough information to be sure, but I'm leaning more to the self-defense side from what is here. I could be wrong. The headline is kind of damning though: Man accused of fatally shooting teen at party.

Here's the gist:

Reeves' children claimed that a cell phone was stolen. Someone accused Clark of taking it, and he scuffled with another person and was struck several times before leaving and threatening to return with friends, police said.

Reeves' son went to the family's other nearby home to get his father, who brought a loaded pistol and unloaded shotgun over to the lake house. The father was told that his daughter had been attacked at the party and watched as his son was attacked by three people.

After Clark returned with friends, Reeves shot him, prosecutors said. Partygoers scattered, and friends took the injured teen to a fire station. He died at a hospital.

Then some more shooting:
Reeves returned to his home afterward and was sitting on the front porch when one of the slain teen's friends drove by and shot at his home in retaliation, police said. Reeves fired back with a shotgun, police said, striking two teens who were in the car. They were not seriously injured.

It's doesn't sound like the teens were model citizens for sure. Yes, the dad brought guns too but he didn't do a freaking drive-by. Right or wrong - time will tell - he thought he was acting in self defense. He is being charged with murder.

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