Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy people

Well, it looks like the world isn't so scared of us any more. Russia is going to be flexing its muscles at the same time Obama is going to be visiting Moscow; Obama's loves and kisses diplomacy hasn't won over Iran, and North Korea is acting like they're some sort of badass now that they have succeeded in building a nuke as powerful as Tim McVeigh's poop bomb.

The Ruskies are pretty hardcore, but the North Koreans remind me of the overly drunk uncle who thinks he can kick any ones ass despite falling repeatedly out of his chair. But this time the uncle is drunk on power. Iran is kind of like the side of the family that you think you would probably get along with if it weren't for the nasty step dad always causing a shouting match.

Don't get me wrong; Kim Jong Il scheduling a missile launch across our country and threatening nuclear war is something to pay serious attention to, but he's really just too big for his britches when it all comes down to it. I only expect an apology and a poorly thought out gift from our dear leader to Kim for all of this. Iran: whatever; it's not like we're going to be friends any time in the near future.

My only point is that stuff like this didn't seem to happen as much when we didn't have a bunch of hippie pacifists running the show.

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