Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cutting edge crimefighting tools to stop suicidal spree shooters!

WASHINGTON – Citing recent killings in Arkansas, Kansas and the nation's capital, Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday said new hate crimes law were needed to stop what he called "violence masquerading as political activism."
Yes, because we all know that psychopaths who strike a notion to kill Jews at a museum or Soldiers at a recruiting station, and who are not concerned whether they survive the deed, will be deterred by hate crime laws.

What a freaking diabolically genious plan you have there AG!

Oh, please sir! Save us all from the evils of crazy men with toughly written words! And act fast, because there's bound to be another scumbag neo-National Socialist (that will be called "right wing" by ABC News and other propaganda outlets because he is a veteran) planning an attack right now.


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