Friday, June 5, 2009

Have no fear citizen! Crime camera is here!

DC officials are going to stop crime in Adams Morgan by. . . . .putting up a "crime camera."

I thought those didn't stop crime?

This piece of breathtaking ingenuity comes after council member Jim Graham proposed banning late night pizza joints in the area because of "Behaving the way they do in terms of music, in terms of letting people hang out and also in terms of tolerating a certain level of violence."


If you're a business owner, tourist, or otherwise good person enjoying the night life in DC, then you're enabling scumbags to cause crime. Maybe someone should propose a curfew, since the only reason to be out at night, besides going to a club or a pizza joint, is to rob said people and shoot one another. It's for your own good folks.

I can't get over the fact that those elected to office in DC insist that you should leave your safety to the police, but then turn around and blame business owners for putting up with violence; like they should do something about it. You can bet that when the first citizen walks outside his or her store and tells the thugs to stop fighting, and they pull guns and shoot them dead, that Graham, Fenty, and Lanier will come out and say that they shouldn't have gotten involved.

Maybe it's time for another "All Hands on Deck," because DC is kinda hard up for money these days, and you know that ticketing drivers and barricading neighborhoods is great for the vibe.

Sheesh. DC residents: you voted these morons in office, so you get all the government you deserve. Enjoy it.


Stating the Obvious said...

Maybe it's time for another "All Hands on Deck,"

Since you asked, we're doing on this weekend....

Z@X said...

"Sheesh. DC residents: you voted these morons in office, so you get all the government you deserve. Enjoy it"

...same for Chicago... and the rest of Illinois for that matter. Everyone complains, everyone is hoarding ammo, but there are rarely waiting lines at the polls.

Good post.

Unknown said...

California is in that boat as well, and I'm sure NJ and NY aren't too far behind. What a shame.

As for the "All Hands on Deck," I just can't get around to the idea that it has any impact at all when they mainly write a bunch of traffic tickets, and impede citizens from getting to and from their homes. The one or two felonies that they get with those are negated by the revolving door system that they have in DC, so I don't see that happening.

A thirty something career criminal caught for armed robbery should never hit the streets again. That's not what's happening up there.