Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I know!! Put a label on the bottle!!!

The Food and Drug Administration has assembled more than 35 experts to discuss ways to prevent overdose with acetaminophen – the pain-relieving, fever-reducing ingredient in Tylenol and dozens of other prescription and over-the-counter medications.
Please FDA!!! Save us from acetaminophen!!

What a joke. When the FDA starts screwing with stuff it's bound to be retarded. Just look at how they expertly handled that whole NyQuil/Pseudo Ephedrine/Meth lab crisis.

No more meth labs!!! Yaaaaay!! Wait, whuuut?

So. What kind of likely solutions are these 35 experts considering?
The agency today asked its experts to consider a range of options: adding a "black box" warning label to the products, lowering the drug dosage in some products, or pulling certain types of medications off the market.
Umm, common sense tells me that if you ban the most widely available and used over-the-counter pain relief drug that you're going to have a much greater quantity of pissed off and hurting people flooding ERs across the country. Or, instead of farmer Earl eating two more Advil a day than .gov thinks he needs to stop his migraines, he may just decide to eat a magnum instead. Well, at least his liver will be safe.

And just what do you think will happen when the dose of this wonderful drug is reduced? I can guarantee you that folks are going to eat however many pills it takes to get relief. So instead of taking four of the "leading brand" or three of the "wonder brand that's so much better than the 'leading brand'" people will eat handfuls of the stuff until their noggin stops throbbing. Way to save the world there, geniuses.

Hundreds of millions of Americans use acetaminophen, and these guys want to take it away because a tiny amount of people take too much. Meanwhile, millions of Americans take too many McDonald's cheeseburgers, and the risks from that are massively higher than anything that we have in our medicine cabinet.

Stop trying to meddle in everything!

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