Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Gateway is busted

My two year old Gateway is all jacked up, but it's running. Unfortunately, I'm not on it because the monitor is dead. The warranty is two years from what I can gather, and it's been right at two years. A quick Google search shows that my monitor is known for dying a quick death.

I remember a time when people took pride in building shit that lasted for awhile. Those days are over.

My computer is not the only thing that's screwed up. I got a HTC Fuse for Christmas, and when I have time I'm sending it back because it's so jacked up it barely works. I have two pages of stuff I've wrote down that doesn't work, and that's not counting the stuff that's just part of the design. That it answers calls in my pocket is a design problem; that it forgets every phone number in my speed dial is a defect. I have to hard reset sometimes several times a day because it locks up and won't work.


When will people start making quality products again? Electronics these days are especially unreliable, and I don't trust my lively hood to them.

I will have lots of time next week, and I will be using a laptop to do the Movie Guns post. I wanted it done this weekend but that's impossible right now. Stay tuned.

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