Monday, June 1, 2009

One more condemnation should just about do it

Or maybe a strongly worded letter. From the UN.

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea has transported its most advanced missile, believed to be capable of reaching Alaska, to a launch site on its west coast near China, news reports said Monday.

The reclusive communist country was also reportedly bolstering it defenses and conducting amphibious assault exercises along its western shore, near disputed waters where deadly naval clashes with the South have occurred in the past.

OK, so North Korea stopped rattling their saber and has now started swinging it around wildly above their head.


North Korea is bitching about US and South Korean spy planes, but correct me if I'm wrong in that spy planes are pretty much obsolete. I mean, we have satellites, so why would we bother with putting a pilot's life at risk by sending him into harms way when we can just get the intel we need from Google?

On another note, I always get a case of the giggles when the news shows something as phallic as a ballistic missile being raised with a name that looks like it says "Tapadong."

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