Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gun show Gun show Gun show!!!

Oh hell yes!!

Today was a spectacular gun show that made CTone very happy.

I got there over an hour early, so I was 6th in line to get in. As I got through the door, the NRA was there in force passing out fist fulls of cash to everyone in order to "keep the gun lobby in line." Cool, cool.

Then I had to wade through the herds of uniformed Nazis, Somali warlords, Iranian generals, and the Illuminati just to get to the table where they sell reloading stuff, but it payed off because I found primers!

Now, the first thing I grabbed from that table was a five pound jug of Alliant Reloader 15. I did catch a fleeting glimpse of the ever elusive Hodgdon Varget, but my attention was quickly drawn to the cases that the friendly man was moving around behind the table. I asked him if any of them happened to be non-magnum large rifle primers, and he kindly asked how many I desired. These days a one-cartridge-box-a-year shooter would have bought every single one he had, but that would make them a douchebag. Since there was already a line of about twenty wide eyed people waiting to buy primers, I bought a thousand, which will last me the rest of the year if I'm stingy, and left several cases for the next guy to buy up.

I did not find a single solitary round of .32 ACP, but I did find several boxes of .380 ACP for $48 for 50, or $30 for 20. One table was actually sawing off arms and legs for a box of them. No shit!

The rest of the stuff I got was small potatoes. I do note enthusiastically that gun prices seem to be stabilizing some. There were the gun dealers who had some of their guns marked up a hundred dollars or more from the table ten feet away that had the same gun at a fair price. 1911s are still pretty scarce, but ARs and AKs were abundant. .223 Remington ammo was hovering around $400 for a case of 1,000, which is certainly better than the dollar a round that it was two months ago, but several of the vendors who had 9mm ball thought they were selling crack. I insist that they were smoking it for selling a box of 50 handloads for over $20 when a table around the corner was selling American Eagle for $15.

Over all, I had a good time and got some good odds and ends stuff.


trajectory said...

How about small pistol primers? Any sign they'll be showing up any time soon? Been looking in the local shops for a couple of months with no luck.

Unknown said...

There was a guy next to me who asked about both small and large pistol primers, but they didn't have any. They did have small rifle though.

Origami said...

You mean there weren't Mexican drug cartel members there, too, buying their fully-auto weaponry to take back South? I'm sure they were there, you probably didn't see them for all the Al Qaeda operatives in the way.

Unknown said...

That would explain why everyone was sold out of RPGs and M60s!