Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In the 'Gun Free' paradise of Chicago

Phillip Jackson: "This is a national catastrophe that is happening while we as a country do nothing. We're asking for national attention. This is a pandemic. We will not be able to solve this problem in Chicago unless they can solve this same problem in Houston [Texas] and other cities."
I don't see how the blame lies within any city except Chicago. That's pretty thin. It's also pretty obvious that tactics like gun control and peace rallies aren't going to do the job.

So what's the problem?

Here is an interesting fact to ponder:
"Black youths, he said, are two times more likely than white youths to fail or drop out of school, and at the same time they are also eight to 10 times more likely to be victims of homicide than whites."
That may not be PC to talk about in this day and age, but it's about time it comes to national attention and gets some air time. This is not a coincidence.

Off the cuff, I would say that there is a cultural problem at hand, but how long will it be before it gets brought up on the national stage?

As far as Chicago goes, when your city has a software application for residents to download in order to help them track crime, you know that city is jacked up.

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