Thursday, May 28, 2009

Morale destruction 101

In Michigan and elsewhere, once-sacrosanct veterans' programs are no longer safe from the knife as tax revenues continue sliding in the recession.


South Carolina plans to cut aid to the VFW, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans in the next budget. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn recently outlined a "doomsday" budget that would close all four of the state's veterans' home if an income tax increase is not passed, leaving more than 1,000 veterans without care.

Our military veterans are sent overseas to fight, and when they return from giving their pounds of flesh our country turns their back on them. Awesome. That's gotta be great for morale!

"Oh, but CTone, there's a recession! Everyone must give!"


I understand that there's a recession and all, and with the exception of our federal government, everyone is tightening their belts, but these veterans entered in a legal contract with the country to be taken care of when they come home. They have already given tenfold.

My criticism is directed toward the Obama administration who decided that the best thing to do during the recession is spend a decades worth of taxpayer's money on a bunch of shit that we don't need, and then groan about how it's so terrible that we have to cut funding for the people that they have a responsibility to pay for.



. said...
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Origami said...

Really? Obama? Who do you think started the massive bailouts of unproductive companies? Don't even think about leaving great protector of liberty, Il Duce Mission Accomplished Bush out of this one!