Friday, May 22, 2009

Four NY terrorists were already criminals

And quite obviously not Right Wing extremist veterans, but here is the really fun part:

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said he believed the defendants knew each other from their time behind bars. Relatives said Payen, David Williams and Onta (AWN'-tay) Williams were introduced to Islam in prison — a trend in prisons around the country in recent years.

"The Onta I know wouldn't do something like this, but the new Onta, yeah," said Richard Williams, an uncle. "He wasn't raised this way. All this happened when he became a Muslim in prison."


Cromitie told the informant last July that he wanted to join Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistani terrorist group with which the informant claimed to be involved, the complaint said.

Prisons are breeding grounds for religious extremists? Who would have known.

I notice also that the four men had to "call around to various contacts to get guns," which is weird, because I thought all terrorists went to gun shows where NRA rednecks gleefully hand them the shit with a smile.

So much for that theory.

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