Friday, May 8, 2009

Dismantling the Mexican Drug Farce piece by piece

An excellent rundown of the Mexican Drug Farce at the Gun Rights Examiner by David Codrea of The War on Guns.

A teaser:

And remember, that's a third of the relatively insignificant quantity of guns reported, vs. actually warehoused, and that assumes what is in official inventory reflects 100% of what has been seized. Any bets that it's even close?

Which is probably a good thing, because if it takes 100 newly-assigned "Project Gunrunner" ATF agents "(and those are in addition to the organization already in place!) to help unclog the 700-weapon backlog," imagine what a boondoggle it would be if you dropped 300,000+ serial numbers into their trough. Especially since, based on "time to crime," it looks like most of them are 14 years old!

Smashing drive sir!

Go read the whole thing.

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