Monday, May 4, 2009

California's well oiled revolving door justice system

Thomas allegedly preyed on elderly women who were living alone, according to police, beating and raping his victims before strangling them to death. Unbeknown to his co-workers, Thomas, 72, had an extensive criminal history.
It looks as though this guy might be LA's most prolific killer. What ever could have been done to prevent a monster like this from roaming the streets for a lifetime of violence and murder?
He was tied to the latest charges through DNA samples taken from him in October 2008, as part of California's ongoing process to swab registered sex offenders. Thomas was required to give the sample because of a rape conviction in 1978 in Pasadena. He was also convicted of burglary and attempted rape in Los Angeles in 1957. On March 27, the California Department of Justice DNA Laboratory notified detectives that his DNA matched evidence form the rape and murder of Ethel Sokoloff, 68, in the mid-Wilshire area in 1972. On March 31, they were told that his DNA matched four other slayings.
Emphasis mine.

California cherishes it's "A+" rating from the Brady Campaign for it's tough gun laws that obviously didn't do Thomas' victims any good. How it was decided to release this guy over and over again into the public is anybody's guess.

I just don't see the logic in trying to prevent predators from killing by disarming the prey, and then when you catch the predator you keep letting him go.

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