Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey, look at all this stuff that didn't come from US gunshows

Grenades, suppressors, RPGs, mortars. Make sure you click through all of the pages now.

How about all of that body armor. Why, I bet those Mexican drug cartels are buying them and placing 'Policia' on it just to confuse US politicians. It's all in good fun.

And just where in the world have we seen well worn H&K G3s? Absolutely not in the hands of any Mexican military or law enforcement. Uuuugh ugh. No sir.

And those beat to shit AK-47s? There's no way those came from Central America. Nope. I heard that you can pick one of those ugly things at US gunshows. No, really!

Those nasty gun dealers artificially age them by putting them into washing machines filled with poker chips, and then let them rust all to hell in order to make it look like Columbia is the one selling them at next to nothing. Honest!

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