Friday, May 22, 2009

Lots of goodies from the Force Protection Equipment Demo

Or FPED VII, to those in-the-know.

This event had vendors from all over the country showing off anything Force Protection, and some things not. If it's armored, electronic, CBRN detecting, or has a camera, it was at this event.

This show was also a proud sponsor of Big Brother; and I won't depress you with picures of heartbeat sensors, concealed weapon detectors, hand held x-ray machines, and FLIR/night vision equiped coffee cups, but I brought some pics for your viewing pleasure, such as this beast that is a must have for anyone serious about home security:

I finally figured out how to make the pics clickable, so click to enlarge!

Or how about the Mother Of All Shooting Systems (Mo-Ass) remote vehicle machine gun with night vision and FLIR:

For the citizens of the Trinidad neighborhood of DC.

There were tons of remote mounted weapons systems; such as this M240B:

Perhaps the Corner Shot suits your fancy:

It's really easy to control once you get the hang of it, and the video monitor is clear as a bell, even in direct sunlight.

If that's not cool enough for you, then this robot with mounted Atchisson Assault 12 Shotgun with Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistol will surely do the trick:

With the onboard FLIR camera, there's no need to even get out of bed to see what went bump in the night. Sic em' boy!!

For those of you who tend a farm in Appalachia, here's a clever way to locate and destroy those pesky deer herds that keep destroying your crops:

How about pintle mounted twin Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistols with Beta C-mags!

I know some of you are worried about having enough knockdown power with your daddy's 12 guage to back up your buddy on his dream Yeti bowhunt. Well I have the answer for you!

That, my dear readers, is a FRAG-12 shotgun shell. If that doesn't have enough ass to take out a Yeti, than I don't know what does.

If you're more into armor, and want to cruise the streets of Detroit without having to worry about stray 9mm rounds or IEDs, then you might want to check into the latest in rolling protection:

There was plenty more armor around, and even some low profile stuff for celebs, but the coolest idea was this armored thingy for "Gun Free Zone" mall police!!

As for the latest in counter-terrorist fashion, what federal agent acting as the aggressor in a training event would want to be without his inert suicide vest!?!?!

Yes sir!! That's bound to cause a mass panic the next time some SSA forgets to alert the public about that training in the NorthWest corner of the county fair!

To leave on a depressing note, it begs the question of whether these are already being tested on "homegrown terrorists" in the US:

Those are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) that are designed to look like birds. The idea is to "hide in plain site" from any potential terrorists who are looking up. They're sure to get some use during the next VFW Wounded Warriors cribbage tournament in Dallas!

Clever huh!

Big Brother is always watching.

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