Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shooting at DC Convention Center

A 21 year old man was shot and killed outside of the DC Convention Center last Thursday; the same day that I was at the convention center, unarmed to be in compliance with DC's insane laws against self defense.

Apparently there's a great deal of violence there:

"but over the years there's been a lot of gang action here. . . a lot of gun violence here."
And the solution to the problem is to disarm everyone!! That doesn't seem to have worked out so well for the non scumbag portion of the DC population:

". . .you feel like you're locked up, incarcerated in your own neighborhood. . "
Sometimes I hate that I abide by the law, and last Thursday was no exception. I've been to the Convention Center enough times to know that it's dangerous, but I had to go there again and I left my protection home anyways.

What a terrible choice to have to face: being unarmed in a dangerous place in order to stay in line with the law, or breaking the law to have a chance should some gang of scumbags try to take your life.

The last citizen says it best:

"Our society is dissipating."
I would have to agree, but I don't see much of a difference between the armed gangs who are murdering people or the politicians and bureaucrats who disarm the victims and make it all possible.

I will continue to stay the hell away from that city any way I can.

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