Monday, May 25, 2009

Range Report

I went out today to do some load development with the 308, and it turned out to be a catastrophe.

A little background about me is that there is a phenomenon with rain when I go shoot; it's to the point where my family expects it and wonders why I bother.

Today was no exception.

The only difference was that it started raining this time right after the very first shot, at which point we moved everything inside and shot off the dining room table (yea, I know we're white trash). I have now resorted to calling mother nature a whore as I wave two middle fingers into the air.

At the absolute soonest time I can sell my house, I am going to do so and move to Utah or Arizona so that I can enjoy my hobby in peace. To hell with Virginia. I don't care if I die of thurst because there is no rain; at least I will be able to shoot for one damn day without getting rained out.

I am not at all kidding when I say that this happens every single time.

None of this matters one bit as I had another catastrophe when my equipment failed. I'm going to have to look back through the paperwork from the Krieger barrel that I ordered from Fultan Armory for an information sheet. It seems that if you load your rounds at 2.800 inches (which is what the damned factory length for this cartridge, and the recommended starting length suggested by every bullet and powder manufacturer and anyone else who has ever loaded .308 Winchester) then the rounds jam into the lands causing the bolt to not close all the way and the round to get stuck in the breach. The bolt was stuck pretty bad, and when I got the bolt to come to the rear, the brass casing came with it but the bullet was still stuck in the barrel. Now I have 44 grains of Reloader 15 coating the inside of my gun.

Hey Krieger, a little freaking warning would have been nice!

Anyways, that little event right there will set me back another month or so, so I'm not real happy about that.

That's all I have to report.

Update: No paperwork with the Krieger/Fultan Armory Titan saying not to load your rounds to the standard length that the entire world loads to. Thanks for that.

At least I now know to load them like an entire freaking inch shorter so that I don't have to pound a bullet out of the lands with my cleaning rod. I can appreciate having a short leade for accuracy sake, but at least give a guy some warning so that cartridges that fit easily in the magazine aren't too long.

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