Wednesday, May 27, 2009


How long before there's a mandate for every American to paint their roof?

Yeah, I don't think it will take long either. When the lives of babies are on the line, you can never act too swiftly.

I also note the cleverness of the article; implying that the suns rays need to be reflected to save the world from doom, and then oh so casually transitioning to man made carbon being the problem.

When someone discovers white tar and makes shingles out of them then I will look into changing the color of my roof.

I don't normally get into the weeds on environmental issues, but to the eco-geeks out there: make up your freaking mind already. It can't be every last thing in our house, on our house, in our driveway, on the planet, or in the solar system that is causing global warming. . . .or is it climate change? I can't remember if the planet is heating up or cooling down this week.

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