Thursday, April 14, 2011

Security Theater

DENVER – The rape of a woman at Denver International Airport has left family members raising questions about the late-night attack and officials defending security at the Rocky Mountain hub, which serves millions of travelers each year.
Rare or not, this is exactly the sort of thing that people who carry a gun for protection are often heckled about. Something along the lines of "why would you neeeeeed to carry an icky firearm in an airport; the security is so tight no one would dare hurt you." That shit didn't hold water in this case, now did it? And before the argument is presented, I'm not claiming that had the victim in this case been armed, the attack would not have happened. There's no way to back that up. Despite that, there is no way to say that an attack can't happen in an airport - it did; and "well it's so rare I doubt it will happen to you" sounds fine as long as you're not the one who's on your back being attacked while half a dozen capable individuals stand there and do nothing.

The whole damned country has been mocking TSA over their abominable security measures and day to day physical assault of millions of Americans, and there are still unicorn loving folk that will tell you in the same breath that you're secure in an airport and don't need to worry about your personal security. I have to raise the bullshit flag.
"We have many, many layers of security," spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone told the newspaper. "We believe the airport is absolutely safe."
I'm sorry Ms. Schiavone, but are airport employees included in the "many layers of security?" Aren't all airport employees trained to look for and report immediately anything that appears suspicious, or perhaps a crime being committed? It's irrelevant whether they knew or not that it was rape, or even rape-rape, because I'm fairly sure that sexual acts in general fall into the category of suspicious activity that should be reported. In this case, there must have been far more pressing matters at hand because the airport spokesweenie is defending their employees:
Airport officials believe airport workers, including employees of outside contractors, "responded appropriately," Schiavone said.
Walking past humping humans is appropriate in DIA? Good to know. Now Americans who are in that airport also know to follow the now established precedent of how to "respond appropriately," as well as what constitutes a "good witness:"
Jackson, of the Denver police, said two workers pulled a man off a woman shortly before police officers and airport security personnel arrived, and others saw the incident and telephoned for help but didn't intervene.
"Mind your own business, citizens! For we know not whether those writhing bodies so entwined are in a moment of consentual passion, or whether this is a viscious attack! Indeed, it matters not at all, as we are to ignore the act and be good witnesses." Pathetic.

Now that it's all said and done, the victim has a bona fide claim against the airport, as she was hurt while on their watch, and under their security measures. Airports in general have become such loathsome places that I no longer enjoy flying like I used to. I avoid them like the plague. The American people should look at this attack and remember it the next time they're taking of their shoes and getting fondled by the dredges of society in blue shirts. That security that you think is there is not.


Zendo Deb said...

I have been traveling back and forth between Florida and Illinois for a while now on family business - several years really.

I refuse to fly.

I would rather spend 2 and a half long days driving than submit to TSA.

Unknown said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I'll drive any length on the East Coast to get to where I'm going, and it takes me about the same amount of time in the end.