Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because we've done enough to find the cure for cancer

Well duh! What did you think was gonna happen in a town called Manassas? Did you really think the sinless townsfolk would let an adult themed store get away with attracting people with money to burn by holding a contest where people get to see voluptuously subdued bewbies? Banish the thought!

Look, we've apparently got the cancer thing kicked, so we don't neeeeeeeed the dollars that such an event would bring anymore. We've got tons of money coming in. Besides, who would want to see such a sight? Young women prancing around in T-shirts and pasties won't attract legions of money spending people by dousing themselves with water on stage! Are you crazy?!?

Someone needs to tell those store owners to put down the dildos and try their hand at a proven money making event. . . . like a bake sale or lemonade stand or something.

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