Monday, April 25, 2011

Pass the assault

In regards to the McDonald's attack from a few days ago, more of the story is now known.

The attackers names are not known, but we do know that they are 14 and 18 years old and that they should know better than to stomp on people's heads. Also, the moron who was filming the whole thing was a McDonald's employee (he's been fired, for what that's worth). We also know that the attack started over the victim allegedly checking out one of the attacker's boyfriend. So the whole shootin match should have never happened if any single person in the mess had been sane.

I have to throw the yellow flag here at McDonald's acting like they give a damn about the morality of their employees; the employee filming the attack and laughing is reprehensible for sure, and I have no concern for his livelihood from losing his job, but in general, businesses like McDonald's have made it a policy for employees to not intervene in such things. In our litigious society, trying to stop an attack will get your company sued. Now it seems that not stopping an attack will get you fired, or even shot to death, so it's lose lose for everybody.

There are some folks who care more for humanity than they do for the preservation of their job (me included), so that point is valid, but I can't see how commenters are throwing rocks at the camera man considering the public's usual policy of watching the mayhem while they wait on the cops to show up, if anyone's even bothered to call it in to begin with. The point I'm trying to make here is that people at large don't really care about some poor 22 year old getting her head kicked in because everybody is too locked on like it's entertainment, and they're waiting for someone else to do something. It's accepted that this is the way of the world, so who's to blame? This isn't the first time scumbags up and decided to do violence without cause. It's the way things have always been.

I do think that people in some areas are starting to warm to the idea that they can do something to stop this sort of violence without getting themselves hurt or killed, and this is because of modern self defense tools. Equalizers work; that lady in the video that tried to help wasn't very effective, but she would have been with the help of her little friend P3AT. Hopefully people wake the hell up and start getting involved.

***Update: We have on of the attackers names - Teonna Monae Brown - and also there will be a protest by a transgendered rights group. I bet the group didn't phone in for help for their protest.
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