Friday, April 15, 2011

State of the CTone address

Things are going well these days. I'm living the American dream in my house that isn't worth anything near what I paid for it, despite the blood and sweat I've put into it. I work too much, but enjoy benefits that America's forefathers didn't enjoy in their time, namely: running water, constant electricity, automobiles (hard to justify "enjoyment" with em' these days), TV, cell phones, and bad ass repeating firearms. No complaints there.

The weather is strange though. Two months ago I took this picture with my kidos while wandering through a park in the cold: Two weeks ago we had snow on the ground, and this week we saw the 90s. Not the 90s like rolled pant bottoms and poofy haircuts; I mean 90 degree temps! Very strange.

Also, I'm building a new rifle to be my walking everything rifle. If it's up to what I hope it is, I may even be living my dream of shooting F-class and competing with the world's best shooters in the next year or two. My reasoning is, if your racecar isn't living up to your expectations, no matter how close, than you build a faster racecar. I'm almost there.

Another exciting development is that my wife's computer died (for the 3rd time), and she not only has a shiny new one, her old one is in the shop getting a new hard drive so that I can use it. Quickload will be the first item added, then we shall test its ability to capture frames from movies. Deduct from that what you will. I've been through so many PCs in the past three years that I haven't been able to do the things I started this blog to do. That will change soon. Exciting times are ahead, and I'll keep my few readers informed of what's going on. Thanks for reading!
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