Friday, April 15, 2011

What did BAG day bring?

Well I have to admit, I didn't buy a firearm today per se. I did place an order for firearm parts though, and the place I spent my hard earned notes at was none other than Les Baer Custom. My debit card cried out when my order was processed, and when the nice lady on the other end of the line asked me if there was anything else I desired, I told her that if I had twenty bank cards in hand I couldn't satisfy my want for all things Les Baer. She laughed.

If you're wondering about what I am up to these days, here's a gander at my recent acquisitions; all of these are towards a specific purpose, and I'll leave y'all to figure out what it is. I'll even give you a hint: that beautiful black piece of anodized rail that is no longer in production gives it away, especially if you know anything about that handguard:

The brass arrived today, and we danced til' the wee hours while listening to Led Zeppelin. Actually not; today I took off from work to renovate by bathroom. Fun stuff. I did oogle the brass for a moment, then went back and got loud with a battery powered sawzall.

If you can identify the brass, and combine that with the knowledge of the rail/handguard, then you will know the whole secret to the awesomeness that I will be wielding in the next two to three months. It also means you're a dork. A military dork.

I don't expect that I'm the first to put two and two together, but Google the Wise does not produce knowledge of anyone else doing what I'm doing. My goal is to shoot teeny tiny bugholes at distance with the most efficient cartridge mankind has ever devised in the most sexy AR style rifle mankind has ever made. Seriously, if it were possible I would have this rifle's babies. It's that awesome. If you've figured out what it is, give me a shout in comments.


Unknown said...

I know but am not telling

Unknown said...

probably somrthing very efficient

Unknown said...

Oh it's efficient alright. I'm gonna make a shiny macaroni-like necklace with brass and bullets to wear! Lapua Bling!

Dang, and you guys already know the answer to my riddle. Cheaters!