Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bounty hunting for bigtime felonious Good Ol' Boys

Aparently the US media aren't the only ones who like to make the news fantastic. I'm not a hater; I wish the best for Mr. Matlock, and hear from those I trust that he's getting the finest training that is offered in Virginia. Even Dog the Bounty Hunter likes the guy, so I hope he has a safe career catching bad guys. But please don't be so hard on that "bail jumper."

He's a really great guy, I promise. If you mess with him, he may be inclined to give you the shirt off his back, let you sleep on his couch, or even loan you his AR rifle and let you point it at him. Besides, if you lock him up, I won't be able to borrow his canoe to go fishing in a couple of weeks.



Anonymous said...

Ctone..I haven't stopped laughing since I read this post. BTW I know a "Bail Jumper" that may want to go fishing in that canoe with you!

Unknown said...

Say when!

Unknown said...