Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Say it isn't so..

In "Gun Free" DC!!! Two students shot in school, shootout with police, carjacking; it's just a typical day in the district! Dare I call it The Wild West?

Fortunately everyone survived, including a cowering teacher who, with a gun to his head, was just waiting for the gunman to end his life when the gun jammed. I guess being totally defenseless can work out. Who knew!

Now that the bad guy has been captured, look for DC to give him 4 years in prison, and push for more gun control. You know, cos' wandering around a school and shooting people isn't illegal enough, so DC needs as many laws as they can get, with which they will not put this scumbag away for life.

He deserves a second or third chance! He had a bad childhood!

What's the bet? That this guy has been through DC's legal system before, and has a mile long record?


Mike W. said...

That teacher needs to go buy a lottery ticket!

Unknown said...

Hell yeah! Except that maybe he just spent his one lucky chance!