Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Home Security

I found this link on The High Road and laughed out loud -- Does watching those ADT commercials make anyone else want to buy more guns? There's some good stuff in there, go and read.

I used to install security systems, and they're only good if used as a layer in your security, as these alarms will not deter most criminals and are easily defeated. A good, yappy dog and a firearm or three should also be included in the layers. Something I found interesting:

Here's what Colorado Springs police think about alarms

Our local paper, the Colorado Springs Gazette, recently had an article on the high percentage of false alarms for residential and business alarm systems. According to the article, there are so many false alarms that the police have lowered their priority in responding to alarms. Here's an excerpt:

April 4, 2008 - 9:03PM THE GAZETTE

Of the 10,667 burglar alarms triggered at Colorado Springs homes and businesses last year, only 2 percent were legit.

For the other 10,454 alarms, cops made dry runs, burning time they could have been spent on real needs.

The problem of false alarms - caused by equipment malfunctions, poor installation or user error - is so great that in December, the department downgraded burglar-alarm responses in order of priority.

That means officers go to trespassing calls before they respond to burglar alarms.

Looks like one more good reason to keep a gun in the home.Link to the full article here:

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