Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anti-gun trash from NBC4

Video interview with a VA Tech survivor who is "looking to turn her pain into something positive." That something would be gun control, to include "closing Virginia's gun-show loophole," of which there is no such thing.
"Right now anyone can walk into a gunshow......go to a private dealer.....and AK-47."

Not true, but she doesn't know that. She would be better served trying to close the madman loophole, or stopping continental drift.

There are all of the typical lies and bias throughout this piece, including showing a rally of ProtestEasy guns which they call "advocates" of gun control, as opposed to what the pro-gun side is usually called -- "gun lobby." A quote I found interesting:
"I thought it was blanks inside the gun....or I thought it was a bad prank."

People like this girl live inside of a dream world of safety that pushes the "it can't happen here" mentality. I can understand being shocked, or caught off guard, but it seems to me that she lives in a world that is full of puppies and unicorns, and that the reason is because someone else is tasked with making everyone safe. You are your own first responder. Now here's your dose of stupid for the day:
[speaking of Cho] "Of course there are times when I hate him...especially when I'm in pain, and crying, and of course but really.......he was a victim of the system."

There you have it folks. It was not Cho's fault.

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