Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice save

In SC, an 18 year old high school student was collecting the materials to bomb his school. His principal said he was a top student and didn't cause trouble.

So many people think that firearms are the only tool that enable one to kill, but this is flawed logic. There are more efficient ways to mass murder, and the materials are readily available to anyone.

There are a number of lefties who believe that if firearms were taken away from us mere civilians, than the world would cease to become violent because there would no longer be a way to kill. History says otherwise, and I often point this out:

History is filled with far more killing in the absence of firearms. We cannot dis-invent the gun, nor can we destroy all metal, stone, bone and wood. There will always be a method to kill in numbers, and the laws of men cannot suppress a black heart.

Good on the parents of this kid for paying attention.

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